Monday, February 20, 2012


Shortly after writing my last blog Being Love, Creates More Love, I realized that in order to have more love, more money, more of anything in our lives we need to be open to receive all of it. It seems that we do a great job in giving to others. We give of our time, money, love, and resources to help others succeed, move forward, and feel comfortable. However, it seems as if when others want to give to us, we close down to some degree. Whether it is a compliment, a gift, love, or money, we tend to say “that’s ok, you do not need to do that.” What are we saying? Are we saying that we are not worthy to receive? Are we saying that we are not lovable, because on some level we know that we really are so lovable? It could be that we were taught to be givers and not receivers, but we can teach ourselves to do both creating a new balance that serves us and others. Maybe opening our hearts by saying a big thank you and accepting the gifts is the key creating this new balance and experiencing our dreams.
In order to manifest our dreams, we need to be open to receive. How is the dream going to be realized if we are shutting the doors to receiving it? After reading the last blog, I began to think about the way that I can give in a big way, but that I only allow myself to receive on a much smaller level. I could see how this imbalance was not serving me to reach my goals and does not align me with my Higher Self that brings forth infinity possibilities when I am open.  I understood that only I can open this door to receive and that the world was waiting for me to open it. In that moment, I proclaimed in my mind and heart that I am fully open to receive my highest good, whether it is the realization of my dreams, money, love or a free lunch. I am open. I bid you to look into the areas of your life that are blocking your ability to openly receive and give yourself permission to receive. You are worthy. You are love. You are able to have your cake and eat it too. It is all available to you when you approach life with an open heart and mind.
May you claim your ability to receive and may this year be the time when you experience all your dreams come to fruition. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  1. Thank you Dawn for this! Seems I am just now learning how to start doing this for myself...perfect timing!