Wednesday, February 15, 2012


In the aftermath of Valentine’s Day I have a few thoughts. Every day provides opportunities to love. Love heals and uplifts our spirit to higher levels of being as an individual and as the human race. Start with looking at yourself each morning and sending love to yourself. Really connect with what you see; love the being in the mirror. Look past the appearance and seek to see the true spirit of God’s love within. If we cannot love ourselves, then we really cannot love another because we are reflecting to others what we feel about our own self.
So let’s align with thoughts, emotions, and actions that is based in love toward us. Let us celebrate the love that we are. This moves us into being able to love others without coming from a place of need, control, or manipulation. Real love is unconditional. Unconditional love allows us to celebrate our partner, family, and friends and anyone without needing anything in return. Unconditional love when experienced by the receiver brings peace, joy and a bliss that sparkles and lifts our being to new heights. For those extending unconditional love, we feel the same. If you would like more love in your life, give more.
Imagine how your world would change when you love yourself. Imagine how your world would change if you could look at others through the lens of unconditional love.
When each person aligns in love our world will change. The collective consciousness will shift the harsh realities on the planet to those that are aligned for the good of all instead of the good of a few. We are each responsible for healing humanity’s downfall and love is the key. When we love, we find solutions that are love based. We lift humanity into realms of knowing and loving and our society moves forward creating new realities that are centered in love for all.

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