Monday, March 19, 2012


Many clients tell me that they do not feel love in their life. Their experience in life is one of being hurt, disappointed, or indifference. They tell me that they cannot feel and it is impossible for them to let love into their life. My response as I work with them in my capacity as a life coach or Reiki Master on their healing journey is that they can feel. They are feeling. On the scale of feelings that they can feel they are choosing hurt, disappointment, anger, loneliness, and other joyless states of emotion. They are just not picking love as an option for what they could feel at that moment.
Our capacity to feel love is always there. We are just not choosing to align in love. If we looked at our feelings as a spectrum from hurt and disappointment on the far left end of the spectrum and indifference a little further to the right, and then as we move to the other end on the right we would find joy, peace, compassion, gratitude and love. This spectrum always exists for everyone.  Every moment provides us the opportunity to choose a thought and an emotion to support the thought. These create the feeling in that moment. These choices create our level of joy and contentment with our lives. The choices we make are determinants to whether or not we will experience vibrant energy to support our life fueled by love or whether our experience will lack energy and create grief, frustration, and more pain.
Within us is our connection with our Soul/Higher Self, the part of us that never dies and knows Oneness with the Creator. When we take our focus on the outer chaos that we have engaged in our lives and turn our attention within, we find all the resources that we need to support our journey to feeling and being love. Instead of living unconsciously, we set our attention to be conscious of where we are on this spectrum and to choose the feelings that support where we want to be.
In addition to engaging our attention in this plight for love, we work with setting our intention to feel, see, and be love. When we use our attention and set our intention, the harmony between the two guides us up this spectrum to seeing the love that is occurring all around us. We move out of living in the lower spectrum of loneliness, hurt, anger, and disappointment and reside in joy, gratitude, peace, compassion, and love. We find love in places where it had always resided when our attention was on the other feelings.
In this journey through the feeling spectrum we make a choice to let down our armor around our heart. We put it there while renting space at the lower end of the feeling spectrum to protect our heart from all the pain that these lower vibrational feelings projected. As we move up the spectrum, we can remove the armor and allow these healing and transforming vibrations to enter our heart and body. In releasing and opening the heart, we become aware of this greater place within us, called the Soul. We experience its love, wisdom, and expansion that lets us be love, receive love, and see life through a perspective that is grounded in love.
So if you are looking for love on the lower end of the feeling spectrum, you are not going to find it there. Align your attention, set your intention on love, and journey up the continuum into the field of love and beauty that you seek. A whole new world is waiting. Come join us!