Dawn Fleming

Dawn Fleming has been working in the field of holistic health since 1989 providing quality services that assist her clients to get unstuck, heal, find their Truth, and step into the fullness of the Light that they are. She is a catalyst for positive change and inspires and empowers clients to express and be their Best. Dawn is a medical intuitive Reiki Master, certified Life Coach, Teacher, Speaker,  Freelance Writer, and Author of Creating a Successful Holistic Health Practice, Navigating the Continuing Education Approval Process, Teaching Workshops Effectively, and Perspectives on Ascension: Sustenance for Humanity’s Journey Home. Dawn works with clients in person, over the phone, Skype and provides distance Reiki sessions.
She has seen great success as a life coach guiding clients to understand their doubts and inner critic, to move beyond those voices, and to create and align with the life that they desire.  As a Reiki Master and teacher, Dawn offers powerful healing energies that align the client’s body to support total health and well-being.  She loves helping people to get unstuck, heal and to claim the life that they were meant to live. Dawn is an inspiring speaker and has been invited to various professional conferences to speak.
Dawns classes have been approved by various professional boards to offer CE hours for participants.
To contact Dawn for a Reiki session, freelance writing project, or Life coaching session email her at mylifeisgood22@cox.net or call 480-751-9278


  1. I too am a Reiki Master/Instructor as well as a Ethereal Crystal Master and I use Quantum Touch and Tai Chi in my practice to keep my clients aligned and balanced and teach them how to walk and keep themselves balanced.

  2. I happened upon your website a few weeks ago... I printed off some of your articles and not only read them over again every few days, but find myself thinking of them and findings so much comfort and peace. I simply wanted to say 'Thank You' for sharing your words with me, and the world. Katie