Saturday, June 30, 2012


As a life coach and Reiki practitioner I talk to people all the time and listen to their complaints. They feel as if they are on a treadmill not going anywhere, doing the same thing day in and day out. Their description of their lives is that they are boxed into a routine that does not support their True self. This self is the one that wants and needs to be in joy, explore life, and feel free to express their gifts, creativity, and voice. The True self that knows our connection with all of life was once sidelined by the socialization process, family rules, and choices that we made to “fit in.”  
When I ask them what is holding them back from stepping out of the box, they respond with fear of the unknown. Fear of change and fear of taking that first step. Over time when we do not live our Truth, we become paralyzed on all levels – emotionally we become numb or overwhelmed, mentally our mind is frozen by what we should do, energetically our energy is diminished making us physically tired, lacking and joy or motivation to change. They ask me how do I step out of this box.
My response is find ways to feed your soul. Remember when you were young, what brought joy. How would you like to express yourself in ways that you are not doing so right now? How can you be creative? What does freedom mean and look like to you and what steps can you take to create this freedom in your life? What positive qualities would you like to have more of in your life – peace, fun, love, compassion, passion, etc.? There are many other questions, but these are a good place to start.
As we step into being who we really are and bring forth those qualities in our own unique way, our life changes. Our life story begins to change when we acknowledge where we are and accept it –quit fighting life. The next step is to begin to make changes that support the qualities that we want more of in our life. We can change in a second or we can take months or years to incorporate changes that feed and nourish us.
When we feed our soul with thoughts, activities, and qualities that spark joy, love, peace, and freedom, our soul celebration fortifies and ignites all levels of our being. We begin to realign with the essence of who we are and what unique essence we are here to birth. Life becomes effortless. We step out of the box that other people imagined for us and that we lost ourselves in. Our nourished soul opens our heart and mind to embrace life in ways that support us on all levels. Our soul-centered heart motivates us to explore freedom and how we can express the realm Me. We experience new lots of energy to support our path and the stress of staying in the box that no longer fit our life melts away as joy returns. Other people might complain that how dare we change! However, when we live our Truth, our joy-filled state of being has a greater impact for the good and grace on our families, communities and the planet. Not only are we lifted into higher levels of expressing good/God in life, the world around us is lifted as well.
Need help stepping out of the box?    Transformational life coaching might be for you. Sessions via phone, skype, or in person. 

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